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November 15, 2010

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / November 15th, 2010

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On the Show:

–Louis’ band performs at a local bar and David avoids the mosh pit and gets seven seconds of video to show the audience

–Democratic trouble in 2012 due to losing electoral votes due to population changes, although maybe not as precipitously as Karl Rove is suggesting.

–Almost half of all Democrats want a primary challenger for Obama, and although most are Hillary Clinton supporters, we discuss how likely it is to affect the final outcome.

–Why would Mitt  Romney have to repudiate the Massachusetts healthcare system to run for President, as Texas Governor Rick Perry has suggested, even though Massachusetts has the smallest portion of uninsured residents out of any state in the country?

–Naked Cowboy Robert John Burck joins us live to discuss his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential campaign as a Tea Party candidate, and David Pakman argues that the Naked Cowboy is the most reasonable candidate we have seen from the Tea Party thus far.

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–Is the Supreme Court losing credibility, given the recent situation with Clarence Thomas’ wife, but more importantly Judge Samuel Alito’s repeated fundraising for Republicans? We discuss whether Alito has specifically violated the basic Code of Conduct of the SCOTUS.

–WorldNetDaily runs a story saying Barack Obama personally went out of his way to ensure that the new airport body scanners and aggressive patdown techniques includes testicle touching were used, and the story rings much like the phone call received by George Stephanopolous in the documentary The War Room from another campaign threatening to run a story about Bill Clinton having a black child with a mistress.

–The new high speed train proposal would take 25 years, is not liked by many politicians from the Midwest, and show w do not have a free market in the US, as the automobile and airline industries are being protected from faster trains.

–Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the new reality show on TLC, is compelling television, but more interestingly, we discuss how much of it is staged, whether it could actually help her possibilities for running for President by showing her in a role she is actually qualified for, and talk about why the show might already have gotten her in trouble with authorities.

–An audience voicemail about the Westboro Baptist Church, and the recent difficulty in getting a car repair for church members after a tire slashing.

–Audience emails about the George W. Bush television interviews, the liberal gene, and Rand Paul’s earmark flip flop.

–On the Bonus Show: Charlie Rangel walks out of his own ethics hearing, the police show up at a cupcake stand, DrudgeReport runs a headline saying “The Terrorists Have Won,” a Florida car dealership gives away AK-47’s with used trucks, and more.

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