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Apr 17, 2017: How YouTube’s Shifting Algorithms Hurt Independent Media

Feb 9, 2017: Elite Daily: Conspiracy Theory Says Trump Can’t Read, And It Makes Too Much Sense

Feb 5, 2017: Inquisitr: Can Donald Trump Read Beyond a Fourth Grade Level?

Feb 3, 2017: Forward: Richard Spencer: By My Definition, Jews Aren’t ‘European,’ or ‘White’

Feb 2, 2017: Haaretz: White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hails Trump’s ‘de-Judaification’ of Holocaust

Jul 1, 2016: The Saad Truth: David Pakman Interviewed by Professor Gad Saad

Jun 26, 2016: Branch-Out Podcast: David Pakman

Jan 12, 2016: The Rubin Report: Reza Aslan’s Lies and Media Bias

Aug 31, 2015: Washington Post: What happened after a black motorist was stopped for making ‘direct eye contact’

Aug 28, 2015: The Grio: Black man gets cop to admit that he was pulled over for making “direct eye contact”

Aug 28, 2015: Alternet: Ohio Cop Tells Black Man He Tailed Him and Pulled Him Over for ‘Direct Eye Contact’

Aug 28, 2015: Gawker: Ohio Cop Pulls Black Man Over for “Making Direct Eye Contact”

Aug 28, 2015: Slate: This Black Driver’s Mistake Was Looking a Police Officer in the Eye

Aug 28, 2015: Huffington Post: Ohio Cop Pulls Over Black Man Who ‘Made Direct Eye Contact’ With Him

Aug 27, 2015: Raw Story: Ohio cop tells black man he tailed him and pulled him over for ‘direct eye contact’

Aug 27, 2015: Addicting Info: Black Man Gets Stopped For Making ‘Direct Eye Contact’ With White Cop

May 15, 2015: Political Junkies: Sy Hersh, TPP & The GOP On Iraq

Nov 12, 2014: New Civil Rights Movement: Anti-Gay Christian Exorcist: My Election A ‘Repudiation’ Of Gay Marriage ‘Judicial Tyranny’

Nov 12, 2014: On Top Magazine: Colorado State Representative-Elect Gordon Klingenschmitt Won’t Legislate Gay Exorcisms

Nov 11, 2014: Advocate: Klingenschmitt Claims He’ll ‘Tone Down Rhetoric’ as Legislator

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