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I signed up for a Membership on Patreon/YouTube/Facebook/Twitch/Substack and I can’t log in to your website

Only Memberships created on our website’s Membership page will give you access to our website Member portal. Signing up on any other platforms only gives you a membership on that platform. If your goal is to get a Membership on our website, you must sign up on the Membership page.

I currently have a monthly Membership and want to switch to a yearly Membership (or vice versa). How do I do this?

The only way to switch from monthly to yearly Memberships is to cancel your current Membership and create a new one. You can cancel your Membership in the Member control panel on the Subscriptions page after logging in.

I don’t remember my password to log in on your website

Use the password reset link on the Login page.

I am having a problem with a Membership on Patreon/YouTube/Facebook/Twitch/Substack

We unfortunately do not control nor have any access to the back-ends of these platforms and you will need to contact them directly for technical support.

Where can I find the Bonus Show and member content on the website?

Click on Member Content in the navigation bar while logged into the website.


I am upset/displeased/angry with an advertisement that showed up before/after/during one of your videos on YouTube/Facebook/Twitch

We have no control over which ads show up on our content on those platforms and you should contact them directly to express your displeasure.

I wrote to David on the website/Twitter/YouTube/Facebook and didn't hear back. What gives?

We receive more than 3000 messages and contacts across our platforms per day and David is unable to respond to them individually. The best way to speak to David is to call in during live calls each week, the timing of which is announced on our YouTube channel and on our Twitter page.

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