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Today on the David Pakman Show

August 19, 2019

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–On the Show:

–A themed show on socialism and capitalism, consisting of stories and commentary from The David Pakman Show over the years

–It’s time for Bernie Sanders to stop calling himself a democratic socialist, because his platform is not socialist

–Fact checking the meme …Read More

Recent Shows

August 16, 2019

–On the Show:

–The Washington Post keeps taking cheap shots at Bernie Sanders

–House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “Moscow Mitch” after numerous attempts by him to stop anti-American election interference

–Caller wants to know how to rebut the right-wing argument …Read More

August 15, 2019

–On the Show:

–Michael Lynch, Director of the Humanities Institute, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connection, and author of “Know-It-All Society: Truth and Arrogance in a Political Culture,” joins David to discuss knowledge, education, arrogance and much more

–The DOW crashes 800 points …Read More

August 14, 2019

–On the Show:

–Anthony Fantano, the internet’s busiest music nerd and Editor-in-Chief of The Needle Drop, joins David to discuss music, culture, and politics

–A recession seems increasingly imminent as the yield curve has now inverted

–Fox News host Pete Hegseth is furious and frustrated …Read More

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