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Today on the David Pakman Show

November 15, 2018

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–On the Show:

–We take a deeper dive into the issue of social media, censorship, de-platforming, regulation, and free speech

–Attorney Michael Avenatti is arrested for domestic violence in what could possibly be a right wing hoax meant to discredit the Democratic activist, although it …Read More

Recent Shows

November 14, 2018

–On the Show:

–Carl Cederstrom, Associate Professor at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, and author of the book “The Happiness Fantasy,” joins David to discuss how the concept of happiness has been co-opted by corporations

–Despite claims from Republicans that there was Democratic voter fraud …Read More

November 13, 2018

–On the Show:

–Anand Giridharadas, author, columnist, political analyst, and author of the book “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World,” joins David to discuss his skepticism about the super rich who claim to want to change the world

–Uncounted ballots in …Read More

November 12, 2018

–On the Show:

–Dr Mick, licensed couple and family therapist with a PhD in human development, joins David to discuss the intersection of anxiety, video games, and mental health, destigmatizing mental health, and more

–Despite golfing in the rain regularly, Donald Trump cancels his appearance …Read More

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