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Today on the David Pakman Show

February 23, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Charles Butler, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, joins David to discuss the Senate torture report, women in politics, race, and David being a “girly man”

–Many gun fetishists don’t realize that the second amendment does not guarantee the protection …Read More

Recent Shows

February 22, 2018

–On the Show:

–Michael Ryan, Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas, joins David to discuss his book “A Taste for the Beautiful: The Evolution of Attraction”

–David asks the audience whether it is worth covering nonsensical right-wing false flag conspiracy theories because …Read More

February 21, 2018

On the Show:

–Farron Cousins, host of Ring of Fire Radio, fills in for David

–Former US Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) goes on CNN and suggests that liberal activists like billionaire George Soros funded and urged the survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting to protest …Read More

February 20, 2018

–On the Show:

–Farron Cousins, host of Ring of Fire Radio, fills in for David

–Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts thirteen Russians and three Russian companies for allegedly meddling in the US presidential election process; the charges have revealed many details about how Russian internet trolls …Read More

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