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November 11, 2010

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / November 11th, 2010

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On the Show:

–Ted Rall, syndicated cartoonist and author of The Anti-American Manifesto joins us live to discuss his book, whether violence is needed for change, and why Fox News and Tea Partiers are angry with him.

–David Bollier, author, activist, and expert on the “commons” joins us in studio to discuss the documentary where he lends his expertise, “This Land is Our Land”

–Rand Paul takes less than a week to prove he will not be able to stick to his campaign promises, this time with regard to earmarks.

–Tea Party promises and how voters discern campaign promises that can and cannot be kept, and results to our poll about the expected successes of the Tea Party in the next two years.

–Votes are still being counted in Alaska, and even though Tea Party candidate Joe Miller will clearly lose to Lisa Murkowski, his campaign is challenging many ballots, even ones with Murkowski’s name spelled correctly.

–The iPad giveaway is only days away, and there is no better time to become a TDPS Member than now.

–President Obama is caving to Republicans on the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and while some progressives say the focus should be on other things, conceding the tax cuts, no matter for how long, is a huge mistake for Obama and Democrats.

–The Mystery Missile media conspiracies, how it started, and hilarious expectations from both media and government agencies in terms of what the public is expected to believe.

–On-air thanks to several new TDPS members!

–Outback Steakhouse should be ashamed for offering troops a free Bloomin’ Onion, the most unhealthy food item in the country, and we discuss ways we actually should be honoring troops, including repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, providing better care to troops, not sending them to questionable wars, and more.

–George W. Bush’s media tour for his book “Decision Points” continues, and we look at clips from interviews with Matt Lauer, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Hannity, and also two new words coined by Bush during these interviews, including a TDPS video that made it onto CNN.

–Our new poll asks whether the recent election might have turned out differently if George W. Bush had done his media tour prior to November 2, 2010.

–Audience emails about the Asian “white guy” disguised air traveler, Daylight Savings Time, and more

–On the bonus show: New study reveals staring at breasts increasing men’s life expectancy, a Democratic Senator compares the Tea Party to MoveOn, and much more.

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