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November 3, 2010

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / November 3rd, 2010

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On the Show:

–The 2010 election is done, and we look at all the results in the House, Senate, Governors, and more, including the contests that are still not decided as we go to air.

–Congressman John Boehner wins re-election, gives a very emotional victory speech, and shows American voters are color-friendly, electing a black President in 2008 and a likely orange Speaker of the House in 2010.

–Waiting on results from Colorado, where Ken Buck ultimately lost, which is great given that he supports the horrendous Colorado Amendment 62 to ban all abortion and chemical birth control.

–Huge relief that Christine O’Donnell did not even come close to winning in Delaware, and we wonder why her concession speech sounded like a victory speech, maybe for the same reason she thought she tied Joe Biden in the past. Also, we discuss when she will join Fox News.

–Harry Reid holds off Sharon Angle by 5 points, showing that even as unpopular as he was, Sharron Angle was just too extreme, saying abortion should not happen even in cases of rape and incest because those are part of God’s plan.

–Rand Paul wins in Kentucky, and the immediate question is will he make good on his promises, including saying he will not vote to increase the debt, given that a vote on increasing the debt ceiling will coming shortly.

–The Rand Paul rally stomper is charged with fourth degree assault, a misdemeanor.

–All about the change to The David Pakman Show from Midweek Politics, including a Thanksgiving Membership Drive offering an iPad and plenty of music as prizes.

–Marco Rubio wins in Florida, and Wolf Blitzer mentions how very attractive he finds Rubio after CNN airs his victory speech.

–Senator Russ Feingold loses his Senate seat in Wisconsin.

–Governors races go to Republicans, and we discuss their importance.

–The 2010 midterm elections as a catalyst for change moving forward.

–Winners and losers from election, night, including progressives, Wall Street, self-funders, Sarah Palin, and more

–Self-funders Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Linda McMahon, all spending much of their own money on their campaigns, lose.

–What will happen post election, and we look at the biggest misconceptions held by the electorate.

–What will Republicans actually do now that they control the House, and how will they explain not doing anything before the 2012 election.

–Tea Party promises and why almost none of them will become a reality, and how the Tea Party will explain it, and the future of the Tea Party.

–A guide for Barack Obama and Democrats for the next two years.

–New poll about the future of the Tea Party

–Why it is time to forget about bipartisanship.

–The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear wasn’t thrilling for David Pakman, but it had some good parts.

–Clint McCance’s anti-gay rant.

–New stations airing The David Pakman Show, audience emails, more.

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