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The most common questions we receive about Memberships and for technical support of all kinds are answered on our FAQ page. Please fully read the FAQ page before submitting your Membership or technical support question as it is most likely answered on that page.

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One of the great things about our program is receiving story suggestions from our audience. If you have a story you think might interest us, use the email below. Note: We really appreciate these suggestions but we are not usually able to respond.

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Requests to interview David for radio, print, television, podcasts, and other media can be submitted using the form below. Please include “Media request” in the subject line. Due to time constraints, we may or may not be able to accommodate your request.

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Submit your questions using the email below, and it’s possible they will be answered on the show. If you want to leave the question as a voicemail, you can call our 24/7 voicemail number, 219-2DAVIDP (219-232-8437).



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