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June 24, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – June 24th, 2009

Total Running Time: 56:54

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This Week’s Topics:

–Terry Mollner and Susan Wennemyr from Skateholders Capital join us live to discuss socially responsible investing, ethical companies and mutual funds, and much more.

–Horace Cooper, conservative legal commentator and writer joins us live to talk about Sotomayor, empathy and the rule of law, and more.

–South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford returns from his mysterious absence and announces he has been cheating on his wife with a woman from none other than David Pakman’s home country, Argentina, where he dissappeared to in recent days.

–The latest from Iran, including President Obama’s comments on the situation at a recent press conference, which included a question for him direct from Iran.

–Controversy continues over whether Obama has done enough, said enough, and meddled enough when it comes to Iran.

–An unbelievable story from Iran in which a man is asked for money as a bullet fee before his dead son’s remains will be returned to him after being shot while protesting.

–Health care, including the recent comments by President Obama on the subject, and his statement that doing nothing is not an option.

–Bill Scher’s recent article with actual facts and numbers about the various health care proposals.

–A discussion about whether the cost of uninsureds, prescription drugs, or other factors are the biggest reason for price increases in health insurance, and recent polls showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans support government run health care.

–The 2010 census will count same sex couples as a result of a reversal of Bush administration policy by the Obama administration.

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