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June 3, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – June 3rd, 2009

Total Running Time: 54:30

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This Week’s Topics:

–The murder of Doctor George Tiller, the physician who performed late term abortions in Kansas, but an anti-abortion radical.

–While some blamed Bill O’Reilly for inciting violence against Tiller by covering him specifically, O’Reilly has responded that general anti-war coverage by MSNBC could just as easily be blamed for the shooting of an Army recruiter in the southern US this week.

–Previous attacks on Doctor Tiller, including when he was shot in both arms, and a discussion about the security measures he had to take on a daily basis.

–Conservative Randall Terry’s response to the killing, including his comments that while this type of murder is bad, Tiller was a mass murderer and deserved to die.

–More on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, including questioning why, if she makes decisions based on her ethnicity, she ruled AGAINST a fellow Hispanic in the firefighter reverse discrimination case.

–Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, the first Hispanic to hold that position, comments on Sotomayor’s nomination.

–The General Motors bankruptcy, including bogus claims from Michelle Malkin that Republican-owned car dealerships were being unfairly targetted to be closed down.

–Are electric hand dryers always more envrionmentally friendly than paper towels, as many public bathroom signs say?

–David Petraeus, in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Martha McCallum, declines to agree with her GOP talking points, saying closing GITMO is a good idea, and that the US did make mistakes after 9/11.

–Griff Jenkins bugs Barney Frank for an answer about ACORN and funding, and ignores Frank’s answer in giving his wrap up of the situation.

–One Republican Congressman wants to legislate this year as the year of the bible, and at the same time mentions that government has too much control.

–Dick Cheney makes the closest thing to a pro gay marriage statement we’ve heard from him.

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