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July 1, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – July 1st, 2009

Total Running Time: 56:13

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This Week’s Topics:

–Former Republican Congressman from Ohio Bob Ney joins us live to discuss his creation of freedom fries, his time in prison, and his new talk radio show.

–Shane Hankins, Executive Director of, joins us live to talk about the free technology services they give away to non-profits, why non-profits fall way behind in technology, and more.

–Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s bizarre involvement and statements around Michael Jackson’s death.

–Followup on the Governor Mark Sanford Argentina scandal, including comments from other Republicans about whether or not the Republican Party just has a problem with morality.

–Fox News once again mislables a Republican in trouble, this time Mark Sanford, as a Democrat.

–Some recordings of Richard Nixon are uncovered and it turns out he was in favor of having abortions available in some cases, specifically interracial pregnancies.

–Al Franken is finally going to the US Senate as the Senator from Minnesota replacing Norm Coleman.

–Ann Coulter compares the killing of Dr George Tiller to a very late term abortion.

–A gay exorcism at a Connecticut church.

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