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July 8, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – July 8th, 2009

Total Running Time: 56:48

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This Week’s Topics:

–Paige Donner of The Huffington Post and Greening Hollywood joins us live to talk about green and not green celebrities, what is so wasteful about movie sets, and more.

–Sarah Palin makes the most mavericky move of her political career to date by quitting as Governor of Alaska.

–Reaction to Palin quitting, including Ann Coulter and Mary Matalin who believe the move was brilliant, and other who think it was accompanied by what could only be called a strange and bizarre rambling speech.

–Former CIA employee Michael Scheuer says that the Obama administration is in such trouble keeping the country safe that the only hope is another terrorist attack on the US.

–If you didn’t know that Democrats can steal and hijack any election they want, any time, then RNC Chairman Michael Steele has news for you.

–A recent test of security in high risk buildings resulted in 10 out of 10 succesful trial attemps at sneaking bombs into buildings.

–Colin Powell emphatically states that the Republican Party still has a problem with racism and African Americans.

–Al Franken is finally in the US Senate, and no one likes it less than Bill O’Reilly.

–Revisiting violence in Iran, including comments from Mike Huckabee that the solution in Iran would be to give the Iranians guns too, because the difference between a massacre and a battle is guns.

–South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s campaign ad from 2002 where he focuses on Christian values, character, and honesty.

–Republican Arizone State Senator Sylvia Allen mentions as a foregone conclusion that the Earth has been around for aboug 6000 years.

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