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September 30, 2016

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On the Show:

–Classic interview: David’s interview with Peter Coleman discussing why the polarized status quo of American politics is both appealing and attractive to many voters

–Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump actually HAS released his tax returns, when there was a potential benefit to him in business

–Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson has another “Aleppo moment,” failing to name a world leader he admires during an MSNBC town hall hosted by Chris Matthew

–Caller asks whether former TDPS producer Louis Motamedi is living in the south of the US yet

–Caller asks how third party candidates can become viable in American politics

–Caller wants to know David’s REAL thoughts about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

–Caller wonders why both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aren’t talking about the Trade in Services Agreement

–Caller wants to know whether Donald Trump will end the Republican Party as we know it

–Audience question: Where does David’s phrase “with peace and love” come from?

–Audience question: Should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their child?

–Audience question: What are your acquired tastes and what tastes have you been unable to acquire?

–On the Bonus Show: Hangover-free alcohol, lionesses grow manes and start acting like male lions, automated strawberry pickers are closer to reality, more…

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