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September 28, 2016

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On the Show:

–Mike Papantonio, attorney and co host of Ring of Fire Radio, joins David to discuss his new legal thriller Law and Disorder

–Yet another man is shot by police for being insubordinate, and allegations have surfaced that he was unarmed, disabled and pleaded with officers not to be shot

–During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump lied considerably more than Hillary Clinton, 34 to 6

–Republican candidate Donald Trump is clearly disappointed and embarrassed by his debate performance, but his damage control has been as bad or even worse

–Hatriot Mail

–Despite overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating climate change is man-made, Trump campaign manager Kellyann Conway admits Trump believes it is merely naturally occurring

–Chelsea Clinton implies that marijuana is killing people, hinting that it is responsible for multiple deaths in Colorado

–Pat Robertson, host of the 700 club, makes yet another crazy remark, saying the devil is using Halloween to “destroy you”

–Kristopher Boeson becomes the first ever quadriplegic to regain motor function of his upper body, thanks to scientific advances in stem-cell research

–Voicemail on Amy Schumer’s Bud Light commercial and the gender pay gap

–On the Bonus Show: Humans on Mars in six years, Denmark going after food waste, a new breakthrough fighting Chron’s Disease and more…

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