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October 3, 2016

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–Will Fischer, Executive Director of the Union Veterans Council through AFL-CIO, joins David to discuss what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for veterans and military families

–Donald Trump claims that not paying federal income taxes makes him “smart,” but it turns out he might have been able to legally avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades by leveraging a $916 million loss in 1995

–During the first presidential debate, Republican Donald Trump continually claimed Democrat Hillary Clinton’s accusations were “wrong,” but a new Clinton ad proves otherwise

–Notable Amazon items

–Donald Trump’s campaign co-manager Kellyann Conway went on ABC’s The View and admitted that Trump did business with the Castro regime, violating US law

–Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant in the early hours of the morning, refusing to put the Miss Universe controversy to rest

–In spite of Libertarian Gary Johnson polling well among millennials, his stances on taxes, healthcare and student loans make it clear that progressives should not be supporting him

–Donald Trump once again is bracing for a loss on November 8th, trying to put in question the legitimacy of the upcomming election

–Voicemail on whether deceptive food advertisers are responsible for the national obesity epidemic

–On the Bonus Show: SpaceX suggesting they were sabotaged after rocket explosion, David diffuses road rage incident at Whole Foods, and more…

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