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September 2, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Incumbents have a big night in Massachusetts primaries, as Ed Markey, Richard Neal, and Stephen Lynch all win their primaries against challengers Joe Kennedy III, Alex Morse, and Robbie Goldstein, respectively

–Analytics firms predict a Trump advantage on election day followed by a Biden advantage as mail-in votes are counted, raising the question of whether voting in person, if safe, is the ideal way to vote this November

–Joe Biden denounces all violence, exactly as Trumpists have been demanding, but the Trumpists don’t care

–Donald Trump calls for masks to be removed at an absolutely toxic round-table event in Kenosha, Wisconsin

–Donald Trump denies that a stroke sent him to Walter Reed hospital last year, which is not the claim that is actually made in the forthcoming book by Michael Schmidt

–Vice President Mike Pence does not deny the claims that he was put on standby as Donald Trump abruptly went to Walter Reed hospital last year

–Donald Trump gets a man who is not actually the owner of a Kenosha business that burned down to stand next to him for a photo op

–Donald Trump unleashes a humiliating rant about canned and “bagged” soup

–Voicemail caller asks what is likely to happen if Donald Trump claims victory on election night, despite possibly not winning the election

–On the Bonus Show: The future of open carry, Jacob Blake’s father receiving death threats, the pandemic and not crime remains the top issue for voters, much more…

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