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August 31, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump is campaigning for re-election as if someone else has been President for the last four years

–Donald Trump’s favorability actually decreased after the Republican National Convention, but Trump can still win re-election regardless

–Donald Trump’s new coronavirus Scott Atlas is pushing for the dangerous strategy of going for “herd immunity” without a vaccine, an approach that would likely lead to more than 2 million total deaths

–Donald Trump almost falls to the floor while walking up to the stage at another disgusting, unhinged rally, this one in Londonderry, New Hampshire

–Donald Trump supporters drive their cars into people, shoot people, and much more around the country

–Outgoing Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway admits that Donald Trump sees violence as helping him win in November

–Donald Trump loses his mind in another outrageous overnight tweet storm, tweeting out fight videos, conspiracy theories, and wild attacks on his political opponents

–Thanks to Donald Trump’s mishandling of coronavirus, Americans are now trapped in the United States in more ways than one

–Voicemail caller erroneously asks about the “21st Amendment” to remove Donald Trump, likely referring to the 25th Amendment

–On the Bonus Show: More troops planning to vote Biden than Trump, college parties and coronavirus, 2nd Amendment sanctuaries, much more…

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