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September 1, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Alex Kaplan, Senior Researcher at Media Matters, joins David to discuss social media disinformation and online extremism, as well as the QAnon conspiracy theory

–Trump intelligence officials will stop briefing Democrats about election interference, a major red flag about election interference

–Donald Trump is triggered, falsely claiming that Joe Biden is “plunging” in the Presidential polls

–Donald Trump has an interview so humiliating on Fox News that interviewer and host Laura Ingraham tries to save him, but fails

–Donald Trump holds a press briefing that goes horribly wrong, with him defending violence and attacking reporters in the room

–Donald Trump’s most blatant act of racial incitement, as Trump retweets a random video of a black man pushing a white woman from 2019, completely out of context

–Twitter removes Donald Trump’s bogus retweet about the coronavirus pandemic after placing warning messages on multiple Trump tweets, and we discuss the new claim by some on the right that only 9,000 people actually died of coronavirus

–Voicemail caller asks about so-called “cultural Marxism”

–On the Bonus Show: Jerry Falwell’s problems are growing, Amazon gets approval for drone delivery, New Jersey teen billed $2,500 for BLM protest, much more…

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