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November 4, 2020

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–On the Show:

–No winner has yet been declared in the Presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

–The election results so far give Joe Biden multiple paths to victory even without winning Pennsylvania or North Carolina, but there are many votes to be counted, and a Donald Trump re-election is still completely possible

–Donald Trump declares he has won re-election despite no such call having been made, and with Joe Biden still maintaining multiple credible paths to victory

–Joe Biden behaves like a normal adult in speaking to supporters on election night, not declaring a premature victory or asserting fraud without evidence

–Whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden ultimately become President, the country is heavily screwed

–Hundreds of thousands of ballots might be missing after the Postal Services misses a deadline to sweep facilities for missing ballots

–Donald Trump suggests that results are fraudulent as his early leads in Wisconsin and Michigan have evaporated as mail-in ballots are counted

–A record 1.5 million people joins our 2020 election results live stream across YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Thank you!

–On the Bonus Show: More 2020 election results, ballot initiatives, Pat’s insane night, much more…

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