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November 3, 2020

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–On the Show:

–It’s election day 2020, and it’s time to remove Donald Trump, for good and for the good of the world

–David’s final 2020 Donald Trump vs Joe Biden electoral map prediction

–Global warnings rampant about civil unrest and violence in the US after today’s election, including warnings from other countries, universities, and more

–Reuters reporters are being equipped with protective gear typical of war correspondents to cover today’s election due to the threat of unrest and violence

–Donald Trump has cancelled his election night part at this Washington DC hotel and instead will barricade himself at the White House behind a new “non-scalable” fence being installed

–Donald Trump attacks Fox News while on the channel’s show Fox N’ Friends during a deranged final pre-election interview

–Lowlights for Donald Trump’s final campaign rallies

–Multiple new reports claim Donald Trump is terrified of going to prison if he loses today’s election

–Voicemail caller asks whether David is now more in favor of guns due to the threat of violence from armed Trumpists

–On the Bonus Show: Ballot questions on the agenda today, social media on high alert as election could be judgement day, what to expect tonight and this week, much more…

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