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November 2, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Congressman Ruben Gallego, a Democrat representing Arizona’s 7th Congressional District, joins David to discuss voting safely in this upcoming election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, fake news, disinformation campaigns, the Latino vote, and much more

–Axios is able to exclusively report the plan by Donald Trump to prematurely declare victory on election night, regardless of the actual results known at the time

–The economy continues to collapse as coronavirus has completely taken over with no plan in sight from the Donald Trump administration to actually get it under control

–Donald Trump praises the violent attack on a Joe Biden campaign bus

–Donald Trump reveals his plan to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci if he is re-elected

–Donald Trump is now doing up to 5 rallies per day as they continue to become increasingly dystopian, authoritarian, and desperate

–A series of 18 Donald Trump rallies is estimated to have caused 30,000 coronavirus cases and 700 deaths, based on a new study from Stanford University

–Donald Trump Jr says, on a day on which 1000 Americans died of coronavirus, that COVID deaths have dropped to “almost nothing”

–Voicemail caller wonder whether in the event of a Joe Biden win, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will immediately resign in order to let Donald Trump choose his replacement during the lame duck period before Biden’s inauguration

–On the Bonus Show: Trump cancels election night party at his hotel, Texas Republicans lose fight to stop drive-through voting, 100 million people will have voted early before election day this year, much more…

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