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October 13, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / October 13th, 2010

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–Art Robinson, Oregon Congressional candidate, is interviewed live, and he addresses why his interview with Rachel Maddow angered him, whether he thinks AIDS is a government conspiracy, and more, and indicates he is not concerned about the anonymous funders of campaign ads in his favor.

–Scott Keeter, Director of Survey Research at the Pew Research Center tells us which Tea Party candidates might win, whether the Tea Party is helping Democrats, and talks about the recent study that found Atheists and Agnostics know the most about world religion.

–Chilean miners are rescued, and it is an incredible television production by the Chilean government

–Can there be no winners in the 2010 election, or does it make a difference who is elected?

–Carl Paladino’s anti-gay rant, bizarre explanation, and interview with Harry Smit, whom he refers to as Bill twice.

–Ohio Congressional candidate Richard Iott dresses like a Nazi, and explains it in a peculiar way.

–A voicemail about Delaware candidates being equally bad is left, and we do not agree with it.

–A new poll about which Tea Party candidates have the best shot at winning.

–A caller to CSPAN’s Washington Journal shows us what happens when you watch too much Glenn Beck.

–Britt Hume wonders whether Obama will be moving to the center after the upcoming election, and we wonder whether he means from the left or the right.

–David Pakman tries to support the local hardware store, but they make it almost impossible.

–The new Midweek Politics studio is receiving regular calls from telemarketers, and we recorded one where the telemarketer quick very angry very quickly.

–Internet scammers start calling the studio.

–New stations airing Midweek Politics in New Jersey.

–Audience voicemails and emails about Rick Sanchez, Jon Stewart, Fox News and Gretchen Carlson, atheists, and much more.

–On the Members Podcast this week: David’s run-in with Congressman Mark Foley, Google cars that drive themselves, female rape in Zimbabwe, Louis talking more on the Bonus Show, lawyer jailed for not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in court, and more.

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