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November 18, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump associate Roger Stone is found guilty on all seven charges for which he was prosecuted, sending Donald Trump into a panic

–Another Trump-endorsed Republican loses, this time Republican challenger Eddie Rispone falling to incumbent Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

–Donald Trump disappears from public view after an unscheduled 2-hour hospital visit, which the White House is trying to explain in a way that makes absolutely no sense

–Donald Trump’s pupils are once again extremely dilated during his “downer” press conference with Turkish President Erdogan, further concerns about amphetamine abuse

–Fox News’ Laura Ingraham program attacks Trump impeachment inquiry witness George Kent for drinking what they describe as a “medical amount” of water

–CNN and NBC simultaneously file copyright claims against The David Pakman Show YouTube channel despite none of their content being used during our coverage of Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings

–Eric Weinstein and Sam Harris evaluate the “good faith” of David Pakman during a recent episode of Eric Weinstein’s podcast, “The Portal”

–A huge thank you to our viewers for helping us surpass the 750,000 subscriber mark on YouTube

–Voicemail caller wonders what is wrong with Congressman Jim “Gymnasium” Jordan

–On the Bonus Show: Prison worker offered strange plea deal, Trump pardons servicemembers accused of war crimes, bizarre White Castle incident leads to suspension of 3 judges, a possible chess match, much more…

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