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November 15, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Racist and religious nut Jeanine Áñez declares herself interim President of Bolivia following the coup that ousted Evo Morales

–Caller is a Canadian who is perplexed by American attitudes towards politics

–Caller talks about the left’s immigration policy

–Caller wonders if every modern president should be prosecuted for war crimes

–Caller discusses foreign aid

–Caller talks about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard

–Caller questions whether Donald Trump is doing long-term damage to America

–Audience Question: Is the era of the SJW over?

–Audience Question: Why don’t you use Soviet terminology like calling people “comrades?”

–Audience Question: What should the top marginal tax rate be?

–On the Bonus Show: Cenk Uygur running for Congress, people struggle to determine if information is true, and much more…

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