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November 14, 2019

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–David Courtwright, University of North Florida historian and addiction expert, and author of the book  “The Age of Addiction: How Bad Habits Became Big Business,” joins David to discuss limbic capitalism, social media addiction, and much more. Get David’s book:

–Donald Trump breaks down during the first day of public impeachment hearings, tweeting sycophantic television clips and unfounded rumors 26 times during the hearings

–Donald Trump and his followers are unfortunately too uninformed to realize that the first day of impeachment hearings, with witnesses William Taylor and George Kent, were devastating to Trump’s narrative

–Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about the mental gymnastics of Trump supporters and online radicalization

–Fox News aired misleading graphics about Adam Schiff and William Taylor during the first day of public Trump impeachment hearings

–After CNN files a bogus and fraudulent copyright claim against our YouTube channel, Facebook shuts down our video monetization, making this quite a week!

–Voicemail caller asks whether there might be a stock market bubble taking place right now that could be about to burst

–On the Bonus Show: Pete Buttigieg climbs in Iowa, cost to become US citizen increasing 61%, Donald Trump Jr’s $50,000 visit, much more…

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