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May 25, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Despite Donald Trump wanting to “open” the country on April 12, more and more state governors are extending shelter in place and stay home orders in what could be building into a battle between federal supremacy and state’s rights

–Trump Treasury Secretary says that stimulus checks will be coming to about half of Americans who qualify in three weeks, with those who do not have bank account information on file from prior tax returns likely needing to wait an additional three weeks beyond that

–Notable discussions from the TDPS Reddit, including about coronavirus parties, the Democratic primary, Ron and Rand Paul, and much more…

–New unemployment claims explode to 3.283 million last week, setting a record for new jobless claims in the US for as long as the metric has been tracked

–Bond yields briefly go negative in the latest sign that economic uncertainty and instability is here to stay for a long time

–Coronavirus cases and deaths are accelerating dramatically in the United States, and are pointing to exceeding those in Italy, Spain, and other countries very quickly

–Americans trust Dr. Anthony Fauci and Governor Andrew Cuomo when it comes to coronavirus far more than they trust Donald Trump

–5G conspiracy theories, which already have been around for a while, have absolutely exploded in combination with coronavirus

–Voicemail caller asks how to convince non-voters to vote

–On the Bonus Show: TDPS chess tournament results, Trump campaign scrubbing “COVID hoax” videos, staying at home impossible for homeless people, much more…

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