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May 20, 2020

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–On the Show:

–The 2020 Senate elections continue to edge in the direction of Democrats, as Republicans could now realistically lose control of the Senate in November

–Shocking polling data from Arizona, where incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally is down by 13 points to Democratic challenger Mark Kelly, as Biden leads Trump by 7

–A Texas judge rules that any Texan who wants to can vote by mail until further notice, a major decision

–After previously expressing support for the payroll tax holiday proposed by Donald Trump, David admits he made a mistake and apologizes

–The “Obamagate” conspiracy theory implodes as Trumpists increasingly move on to new fake scandals after the release of a Susan Rice memo from 2017

–Donald Trump holds a cabinet meeting that was an absolute house of horrors freakshow, which we examine in detail

–Florida allegedly fired the scientist who developed their COVID tracking dashboard over her refusal to falsify data

–Donald Trump claims that having the most coronavirus cases in the world is a “badge of honor”

–Voicemail caller says that Donald Trump’s coronavirus response has been the worst in the world

–On the Bonus Show: UK makes everyone an organ donor unless they opt out, New Jersey gym opens in defiance of stay-at-home order, Georgia Governor apologizes for incorrect coronavirus data, much more…

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