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May 22, 2020

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–On the Show:

–The Trump administration has given a $354+ million contract for producing materials for medications to a company that has only existed for 4 months

–Donald Trump, being the epitome of a petulant child, will not unveil former President Barack Obama’s portrait at the White House, not particularly surprising given that Trump recently accused Obama of being a criminal

–Caller wonders if Donald Trump will refuse to debate Joe Biden

–Caller questions if a Trump second term would be better for progressives than a Joe Biden presidency

–Caller says she has an abusive Trump-supporting family

–Caller discusses Trump threatening states over vote-by-mail

–Caller asks if social distancing will turn people into anti-socialists

–Caller wonders why more people don’t know the truth about Andrew Cuomo

–Caller talks about Bernie Sanders and the future of the progressive movement

–Caller is a big fan from Pakistan

–Caller thinks about a test that could weed out low information voters

–Caller can’t believe she’s on the show

–Audience Question: Do Democratic losses in California and Wisconsin mean they will lose in November?

–Audience Question: Is the United States the only country smearing coronavirus doctors?

–Audience Question What would a Trump second term look like?

–On the Bonus Show: Biden campaign vetting Klobuchar, University of California phasing out SAT, man who filmed Arbery shooting charged with murder, and much more….

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