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May 17, 2022

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–Gregg Barak, Emeritus Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Eastern Michigan University author of the book “Criminology on Trump” joins David to discuss how Trump and his family skirt laws and operate like a mob family. Get the book:

–Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson desperately tries to distance himself from the very same Great Replacement Theory ideas previously promoted on his show that served as an inspiration to the Buffalo mass shooter

–Right-wing propagandist¬† Ben Shapiro wildly tries to claim that the Great Replacement Theory ideology of the Buffalo mass shooter is actually a left wing ideology

–Anti-Trump Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney desperately asks fellow Republicans to denounce white supremacy once and for all

–A desperate Donald Trump attempts to save beleaguered Congressman Madison Cawthorn on the eve of his primary

–A mother is suing her son’s school because she says he now refuses to do chores around the house thanks to being taught Critical Race Theory

–Failed former First Lady Melania Trump gives her first interview since leaving the White House to Fox News

–Voicemail caller confused by the seemingly weak connection between Great Replacement Theory and black people, since most American black people aren’t immigrants

–On the Bonus Show: Dutch doctor will keep sending abortion pills to US women, how North Korea went from zero to 1.2 million COVID cases in 72 hours, SCOTUS makes Ted Cruz $500,000 richer, much more…

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