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May 18, 2022

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–On the Show:

–2022 primary election results including Trumpist Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn losing his primary race, too close to call results in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary with Mehmet Oz taking a small lead, and Democratic Pennsylvania contender John Fetterman easily winning his race

–Doug Mastriano, a dangerous radical “Stop the Steal” Trumpist, has won the Pennsylvania Republican Gubernatorial primary election and will face off against Democrat Josh Shapiro in November

–Tucker Carlson ridiculous Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw for his eyepatch, which resulted from a military injury, despite attacking Pete Davidson years ago for making fun of Crenshaw’s eyepatch

–Cable providers, and everyone with a cable subscription, are keeping Fox News alive

–Joe Rogan and his guest, Hotep Jesus, spread fake news about Australia and food growing, and after figuring out that it’s fake, insist it might still become true

–Jordan Peterson flips out on David on Twitter over a video David made, then attacks a woman as ugly, and subsequently quits Twitter

–Multiple viewers suggest that the recent Trumpist caller sounds like Q-Anon Arizona candidate Ron Watkins

–Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke, from the Global Vision Bible Church, threatens an insurrection and tells his congregation not to vote for Democrats

–Voicemail caller is thrilled that radical Republican Trumpist Congressman Madison Cawthorn lost his primary election in North Carolina

–On the Bonus Show: Lawsuit seeks $2.4 million in damages from fake WI GOP electors, FDA announces plan for baby formula shortage, judge strikes down Tennessee trans bathroom law, much more…

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