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May 13, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones explodes during a recent segment telling his audience that they must buy his products in order to save the world

–Fox Host Maria Bartiromo visibly struggles to control Donald Trump Jr during a recent interview

–Caller asks if Republicans are going for an outright abortion ban

–Caller talks about supporting the Supreme Court as an institution

–Caller wonders if Joe Biden can do anything to stop Democrats from losing in the midterms

–Caller discusses Bongbong Marcos winning the presidential election in the Philippines

–Caller talks about empathy in politics

–Caller wonders if Biden can withhold funds to states that ban abortion

–Caller asks about Jamie Raskin as a presidential contender

–Caller talks about immigration and open borders

–Caller discusses when it is moral to break the law

–Caller asks about state-run Medicare for All

–David responds to viewer emails and social media messages

–On the Bonus Show: New Dinesh D’Souza voter fraud movie gets fact checked, stable coin failure causes crypto implosion, and much more…

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