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March 16, 2018

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–On the Show:

–The parents of the late DNC staffer Seth Rich sue Fox News for exploiting the murder of their son after the network repeatedly speculated on conspiracy theories about his death

–Caller wonders if Donald Trump is serving as a puppet for non-Russian actors

–Caller requests that David remain the host of The David Pakman Show

–Caller wants indisputable evidence that Russia hacked the DNC

–Caller wonders why David doesn’t call himself an atheist

–Caller offers a confusing conspiracy theory that has to do with cryptocurrency and the Federal Reserve

–Caller questions whether the DNC can be trusted to be unbiased in future primaries

–Caller only has access to conservative news channels

–Caller asks if there is one type of candidate that Democrats should run across the country

–Audience Question: Is the political climate for gun control changing?

–Audience Question: How would you improve the mental health system in the US?

–Audience Question: What could Republicans do to appeal to black voters?

–On the Bonus Show: Company 3D prints houses for $10,000, USDA withdraws animal welfare rule, fake news travels way faster than real news on Twitter, and much more…

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