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March 14, 2018

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–On the Show:

–The conclusion to our interview with Ron Miscavige, former Scientologist and father of the cult’s leader David Miscavige, who joins David to discuss how he escaped the Church of Scientology and the internal workings of the Sea Org

–Gina Haspel, pejoratively referred to as “Miss Torture” for her involvement in brutal interrogations and destruction of evidence during the George W. Bush administration, is President Trump’s pick to replace Mike Pompeo as CIA Director

–Mike Pompeo, current CIA Director and President Trump’s choice to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, is the top all-time recipient of campaign donations from the Koch brothers from his six years as a congressman

–Hatriot Mail

–Democrat Conor Lamb is the apparent winner in the special election for US Representative from Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, seemingly edging out Republican Rick Saccone in a district dominated by Donald Trump in 2016

–The timeline between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s critical statements against the Kremlin and his firing suggest that his termination was not over a disagreement on tariffs or the Iran deal, but rather on Russia

–Nikolai Glushkov, a 68-year-old Russian dissident living in the United Kingdom, is found dead under suspicious circumstances just a week after a nerve agent was used to kill Russian spy Sergey Skripal in England

–Stephen Hawking, gound-breaking theoretical physicist and cosmologist who lived with ALS for decades, dies at the age of 76

–Voicemail caller who is praying for David calls him an “anti-American freak”

–On the Bonus Show: Bookkeeper of Auschwitz dies at 96 before entering jail, National Geographic acknowledges its past racist coverage, Bruno Mars criticized for cultural appropriation, and much more…

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