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March 12, 2024

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— Cal Newport, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, New York Times bestselling author, host of the Deep Questions with Cal Newport podcast, and author of his new book “Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout,” joins David to discuss the book, which you can get here:

— On the one hand, Biden is old, and on the other hand, in the last 24 hours, Trump claimed presidential immunity in a porn star hush money case, a former Trump employee admitted to loading classified documents onto a plane, authoritarian Viktor Orban said Trump told him he’d give Ukraine no money if he becomes President, the RNC has fired dozens of staffers as Trump-backed leadership takes over, and Trump’s former White House economic advisor has been told to report to prison

— President Joe Biden is suddenly leading numerous national polls, and we discuss the reasons why

— Brian Butler, a former Trump Mar-a-Lago employee known as “employee number 5” in court filings, publicly admits that he helped move classified documents onto a plane while federal authorities were looking for them

— Republican Congressman Byron Donalds admits to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that they have absolutely no evidence of criminality by President Joe Biden

— Failed former President Donald Trump smears E. Jean Carroll again during the end of a CNBC interview

— President Joe Biden states that to fix housing, we must build significantly more housing, which is absolutely correct

— Voicemail caller who is a longtime listener is impressed that David went from the basement to meeting with the Vice President at the White House

— On the Bonus Show: Why Nikki Haley voters should support Joe Biden, US lawmakers vote to force sale of TikTok, George Santos will run again in New York, much more…

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