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March 11, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Republican Senator Katie Britt, almost in tears during a Fox News interview, admits the story she told during her SOTU response has nothing to do with President Joe Biden

— President Joe Biden’s perfect reactions to the outrageous reaction by Senator Katie Britt to Biden’s State of the Union address

— President Joe Biden raises an insane amount of money in the immediate 24 hours after the State of the Union address

— Failed former President Donald Trump hits a new low during a rally in Rome, Georgia, making fun of President Joe Biden’s stutter, glitching badly, and telling many lies

— Donald Trump supporters are interviewed in Rome, Georgia, revealing that their reasons for supporting Trump are a confusing mishmash of misunderstandings and confusion

— A new report says that the White House is developing a plan to displace Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel

— A Trump voter, who is also a union member, abandons Trump after being shown a video of Trump’s own statements by a member of Union Proud Warrior

— President Joe Biden admits he was wrong to use the word “illegal” during his State of the Union speech, and MAGA pounces on him

— Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace becomes irate with interviewer George Stephanopoulos when he calls her out about her support of a civilly liable rapist, Donald Trump

— Voicemail caller is so impressed by David’s handling of anti-vaccine caller that she is getting a Membership

— On the Bonus Show: David’s meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington DC, Producer Pat’s trip, and much more…

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