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March 7, 2024

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— Brittany Page fills in for David! Subscribe to Brittany’s YouTube channel:

— Mitch McConnell endorses Donald Trump, after everything he’s done and said, including about Mitch’s wife

— What will Nikki Haley voters choose to do now that she suspended her campaign?

— The Republican National Committee’s plan to pay Trump’s mounting legal bills

— Peter Doocy challenges WH Press Secretary on Whether Biden will Debate Trump

— Mike Johnson announces cuts to FBI/DOJ, GOP now defunding the police

— North Carolina’s GOP Nominee for Governor is totally unhinged

— Florida Republican tries to convince everyone slavery had positive aspects

— Alabama Republicans Panic, Try to Correct Course on Controversial IVF Ruling

— Texas Woman Who Fled State for Abortion on SOTU attendance, newfound political activism

— Man receives 200+ COVID vaccines in case study sure to set off conspiracy theorists

— On the Bonus Show: Controversy surrounding Adam Schiff’s California Senate victory, Indiana bill expands child working hours, Republican goes full “back in my day!” and much more…

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