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June 12, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump will soon return to holding large campaign rallies, despite the risk of contracting coronavirus in large crowds remaining high

–Caller discusses the disaster that was Georgia’s recent primary election

–Caller suggests Joe Biden’s support is being over-represented

–Caller brings up the federal poverty level

–Caller talks about voter suppression tactics by the right-wing

–Caller asks if defunding the police is really the best approach to take

–Caller promotes the libertarian worldview

–Audience Question: What will the transition of power be like if Trump loses to Biden?

–Audience Question: Is Joe Biden now stronger than Mitt Romney was in 2012?

–Audience Question: Should politics and religion be taboo to discuss in casual conversation?

–On the Bonus Show: What the economic recovery may look like, Tennessee refuses to take down bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, and much more…

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