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June 15, 2020

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–On the Show:

–More advertisers flee Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show as a result of his latest comments about the nationwide protests happening in the United States

–Donald Trump and Republicans have decided to reinvigorate their anti-gay roots for the 2020 campaign, maintaining a platform position against same-same marriage and removing some LGBT protections

–Coronavirus cases absolutely explode, mostly in Trump-voting or Republican-led states, and we pick apart the false propaganda narratives being used to explain this

–Donald Trump’s interview about black people with black Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner goes bad very quickly, with embarrassment after embarrassment coming out of Trump’s mouth

–Donald Trump visibly struggles to drink water and walk down a small ramp at this graduation speech to West Point graduates, raising even more questions about his health

–Rally-goers at Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are required to sign a waiver for coronavirus contagion if they want to attend the event

–Fox News is caught running doctored pictures of protests in Seattle, multiple times, on their website

–Voicemail caller asks whether Trump could lose the popular vote in a landslide but still win the electoral college and get re-elected

–On the Bonus Show: 2020 election night could be a month long, Lincoln statue in Boston might be changed, the latest on no-knock warrants, much more…

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