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June 9, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Niall Ferguson, historian and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, whose new PBS series Networld explores the history and science of networks, joins David to discuss coronavirus disinformation, lockdowns, media coverage, network effects and much more

–Democratic elected officials have widely failed in their response to the recent protests, stopping short of a substantive systemic critique of the problems that got us to where we are today

–Donald Trump throws an absurd tantrum over the latest CNN poll showing him losing to Joe Biden by14, even hiring a disinformation propagandist to try to dispute the poll

–Earl Gray, the lawyer for Thomas Lane, one of the police officers charged in the killing of George Floyd, appears on CNN and immediately implodes when interviewed by Chris Cuomo

–Donald Trump’s lie about “inspecting” the White House basement bunker is confirmed by his own Attorney General William Barr, who says it was indeed the Secret Service that recommended he go to the bunker during recent protests

–Donald Trump’s visit to a swab factory in Guilford, Maine, results in all of that day’s swabs being thrown into the trash

–On the Bonus Show: Police approval drops amid protests, North Korea no longer talking to South Korea, Trump campaign to restart huge rallies, much more…

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