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July 31, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Peter Coffin, author if “Custom Reality and You,” creator of several YouTube series, and postmodernist Marxist, joins David to discuss socialism vs social democracy

–The goalposts move yet again as Donald Trump’s own attorney Rudy Giuliani shifts from denying there was collusion with Russia to arguing that collusion with Russia wouldn’t be a crime

–Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani admits a second meeting took place regarding the Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton on CNN, then denies it on Fox News later that same day

–American intelligence agencies reveal that North Korea is developing new missiles just weeks after Kim Jong-un’s summit with Donald Trump

–A Koch-backed study by the libertarian Mercatus Center reveals that “Medicare for All” would save the government trillions, and media reporting about the study is highly deceptive

–It is revealed that indicted alleged Russian agent Maria Butina not only had contact with NRA officials, Treasury officials, and Federal Reserve officials, but also with Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

–The audience vote is overwhelming: David should continue to appear on Fox News

–Voicemail caller says Donald Trump asking for a “Coke” on the leaked Michael Cohen recordings proves their authenticity

–On the Bonus Show: Pompeo lists Iran conditions after Trump claims no preconditions, NASA says Mars terraforming not happening anytime soon, more than 1000 people downloaded plans to 3-D print an assault rifle, much more…

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