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July 27, 2018

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–Classic Interview: Arthur Caplan, Director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, joins David to discuss the ethics of genetic editing

–The Trump administration will stop publishing public summaries of phone calls between Trump and foreign leaders

–Caller explains that the new Democratic Socialists of America includes elements of social democracy

–Caller asks if an economic downturn will be coming soon

–Caller wonders how to fix the structural disadvantages in government that hurt Democrats

–Caller questions where the Trumpists go after Trump is gone

–Caller wants to know how to inform liberals that there is more to news media than MSNBC

–Audience Question: What charities need to be supported particularly in the Trump era?

–Audience Question: Where do you want to visit before it’s ravaged by climate change? Where would you move if your city is destroyed by climate change?

–Audience Question: Why are the ultra-rich called “billionaires” in America and “oligarchs” in Russia?

–On the Bonus Show: YouTube removes some Infowars content, New Zealand tells Australia to stop copying its flag, Roy Moore files defamation lawsuit against negative ads, and much more…

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