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August 1, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Ben Dixon, host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, guest hosts for David

–In yet another example of obstruction of justice, Donald Trump tweets that his Attorney General Jeff Sessions should fire special counsel Robert Mueller and end the investigation into alleged coordination between his campaign and Russia

–Facebook deletes dozens of “inauthentic” left-leaning accounts and pages, yet the so-called “free speech absolutists” on the right have nothing to say

–President Trump claims that the media is lying and that polls cannot be trusted, then immediately brags about how the polls say he is the most popular president ever among Republicans

–A stunning 29% of Republicans say that Russian election meddling to favor the GOP in the 2018 midterms “wouldn’t be a big deal” and 11% say it would be “appropriate”

–Senate Republicans are deliberately hiding the records of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh

–A federal judge in Seattle temporarily restrains the release of blueprints for 3D-printed plastic guns, but the reality is that these untraceable and undetectable firearms will soon grow drastically in numbers

–Amazon workers continue to suffer from workplace accidents and low pay, while the net worth of the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos continues to grow well beyond 100 billion dollars

–In a push for widespread voter ID laws, Donald Trump falsely claims that photo ID is required to buy groceries

–On the Bonus Show: Jeff Sessions’ religious liberty task force, Democrats fighting dirty, and much more…

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