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July 29, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – July 29th, 2009

Produced by:

David Pakman, WXOJ, Northampton, MA
Louis Motamedi, WXOJ, Northampton, MA

Total Running Time: 56:04

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This Week’s Topics:

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–Criminal law professor and attorney Jenny Carroll joins us live to talk about how Scott Roeder, the man who killed abortion Doctor George Tiller, could support his not guilty plea in court.

–More on Gates-Gate, the Henry Louis-Gates arrest and fallout from the situation. David Pakman reverses his initial statements on the situation, including thoughts about racial profiling, from last week’s show.

–The biggest loser in Gates-Gate is discussed, and that is President Obama, after making uninformed comments about the incident, and only making the situation slightly better after being given multiple opportunities to explain himself.

–The actual 911 call from the Gates arrest does not mention that the possible suspects are black, and in fact is quite the opposite.

–Colin Powell discusses times when he was racially profiled.

–The Obama birther madness continues, including with Orly Taitz, who was cited on CNN as being an attorney, dentist, and real estate agent, all in one, and doesn’t stop with Lou Dobbs nor G Gordon Liddy, even after Lou Dobbs’ theories were proven wrong on his own show by his guest host the previous day.

–New Jersey mayors and five rabbis have been arrested in a large corruption scandal that involved millions of dollars, laundering money, and black market organ harvesting.

–The Fox and Friends crew pushes a theory that Barack Obama’s proposed health care program would include forced euthanasia for the elderly.

–Glenn Beck has a shrieking freak out during his radio show when a caller questions his views on health care.

–Sarah Palin’s bye-bye speech in Alaska, and her paranoia with the media surrounding everythign she does and says.

–A very brief look at 2012 for the Republicans, including why Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, and Dick Cheney would be bizarre candidates.

–Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum flips out on a parking attendant for not having her BMW waiting for her.

–A TV evangelist heals people through the phone and TV.

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