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July 28, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / July 28th, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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This Week’s Topics:

–Peter LaBarbera, President of American’s for Truth Against Homosexuality, joins us live to discuss his boycott of McDonald’s for “encouraging young homosexuality,” his photographing of gay and fetish events in San Francisco, his idea that gay marriage will open the door to three-way marriages, why he is too extreme even for other anti-gay groups to support, and more, including his repeat claims that our producer should have told him that Midweek Politics is pro-gay.  Behind-the-scenes discussion of the leadup to the interview included on the Midweek Politics Membership Program.

–Bill Scher, Online Manager at Campaign for America’s Future and Host of the Liberal Oasis Radio Show Podcast joins us live in studio to discuss his trip to Las Vegas for Netroots Nation, how Barack Obama is doing, and the entire Shirley Sherrod – Andrew Breitbart scandal.

–Midweek Politics with David Pakman launches nationally on Free Speech TV, including DirecTV and DISH Network.

–The Shirley Sherrod scandal, including the original edited video published by Andrew Breitbart to suggest Sherrod is racist, as well as the subsequently released full video which seems to imply the opposite.

–Andrew Breitbart’s past direct statement that he would like to take down the liberal left, of which he considers the NAACP a part, as well as his claim that although the NAACP publicly denounces racism, its members are, in private, actually racist.

–The United States, on almost every issue, is a liberal, not center-right nation, and we go through why the connotation associated with the word “liberal” have created a situation in which an overwhelmingly liberal country calls itself, on the whole, conservative.

–After denying rumors that BP CEO Tony Hayward was thinking about resigning, BP has announced Tony Hayward has resigned. We wonder why some are “relieved” that his replacement is Bob Dudley, the man who started the downhill perception of BP after telling Anderson Cooper that it does not matter how much oil is leaking into the Gulf.

–Two new oil spills, one in Michigan and another in Louisiana.

–Faith healing in Oregon continues, with Alayna Wyland being taken away from her parents who chose to pray for her and deliberately leave her without medical care for a hemangioma around her eye, which has created a tennis ball sized growth around her left eye. The Wylands are from the Followers of Christ church in Oregon City, Oregon, a church from which 20 children have died from treatable illnesses during the last three decades as a result of their parents choosing to pray instead of get medical treatment.

–Mike Huckabee and “Doctor” Tim LaHaye discuss the end times and the apocalypse, which naturally are being brought on by the Obama administration.

–Emails about why the happiest countries often have the highest suicide rates, gay marriage being legalized in Argentina, three way marriages and marriages to animals as a result of legalizing gay marriage, and much more.

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