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July 21, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / July 21st, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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This Week’s Topics:

–Robert Peters, President of the conservative group Morality in Media, joins us live to discuss the recent ruling on FCC expletive and indecency rules, including his desire for there not to be any profanity, indecency, or blasphemy of any kind on broadcast media.

–Angry emails from listeners, insulting David Pakman for being from Argentina, and much more.

–The Mark Williams Tea Party racism Abraham Lincoln letter controversy, and his email exchange with Midweek Politics related to being interviewed on the show, as well as claims that it is impossible for there to be racism in the Tea Party.

–An incredible video of an anti-wizardry religious individual flipping out about Henry Potter and Two-light books and movies, and blaming bad things on science fiction and fantasy books and movies and of course the Jews.

–Sarah Palin makes up the word refudiate, and then compares herself to Shakespeare for making up words.

–An apology to Ed Kowalski over immigration comments.

–Arizona and the Republican Party choosing to pick on what will eventually be the largest ethnic group in the country couldn’t possibly backfire, could it?

–Gay marriage legalized in David Pakman’s home country of Argentina, while many conservatives still think gay marriage opens the door to three way marriages and people marrying animals.

–In addition to Uganda’s currently pending “kill gays” legislation, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has restated his opposition to homosexuality, comparing gays and lesbian to dogs and pigs.

–Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well God created both at the same time, of course. British Scientists, however, believe it is the chicken.

–We look at the list of happiest countries, ask whether money buys happiness, and wonder why many of the happiest countries also have the highest suicide rates.

–We learn that the Congressional Cigar Association is actually a front for lobbyists, and discuss what about cigars is so attractive to conservatives, even though it was Bill Clinton who brought the cigar back into the media landscape some years ago.

–John McCain says paying teachers is pork, but wants to give Raytheon and other defense contracts shipping jobs overseas a tax break.

–Producer Louis chooses which of 5 politically incorrect and immoral investments he would make if he had to choose one.

–New poll, emails about Mel Gibson and the French Burqa ban.

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