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July 14, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / July 14th, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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This Week’s Topics:

–Former Congressman (R-OH) Bob Ney joins us live to discuss his thoughts on fellow conspirator Jack Abramoff being released from prison, his own thoughts on his time in a federal prison, and more.

–Marguerite Cravatt, who filmed the viral video that shows a police officer corralling her away from where BP oil spill cleanup efforts were taking place, and an employee was being taking away by ambulance, joins us live to talk about just what happened that day and just who is controlling police departments in the Gulf area.

–The newest Mel Gibson racist anti-black rant, following up his previous anti-Semitic and anti-gay commentary, including the recording itself, Whoopi Goldberg’s bizarre statement that Mel Gibson is not a racist, and more. Is this Mel’s best performance yet?

–The World Cup and homophobia…how on earth did Spain, a country that allows gay marriage, manage to win a World Cup?

–The Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas is lending help to the anti-gay Ugandan pastor who wants death penalty and life in prison as punishments for various types of homosexual activity.

–The Catholic Church has become a morally bankrupt organization, now planning to include the ordination of women clergy in the same category of sin as priest pedophilia and rape.

–Is the new tan tax racist? Would the Botox tax have been sexist?

–We consider whether the Dunning-Kruger effect might be the reason so many people are unable to understand counter-arguments to flawed political thinking.

–We consider the possibility that the only reason Michael Steele has not been fired by the GOP as their Chairman is fear of racism accusations.

–Did David Vitter’s campaign for Senate re-election jump the shark now that he has said he supports birther type legal challenges about Barack Obama’s citizenship?

–CNS News’ Fred Lucas and Robert Gibbs get into it over weirdly phrased and delivered questions regarding Donald Berwick, healtchare, and secret comment books.

–France takes an important first vote towards passing a Burqa ban, and while David Pakman agrees with it, producer Louis Motamedi does not.

–New stations airing Midweek Politics in Vermont and Wisconsin, a new poll about the Burqa ban, and emails about Republicans supporting the troops, Sharron Angle’s comments that rape and incest are God’s plan, and on electric cars and the upcoming Chevy Volt.

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