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July 1, 2020

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–Phil Gurski, Canadian intelligence veteran, author on five books about terrorism, and hosts of the podcast “An Intelligent Look at Terrorism,” joins David to discuss the sources of terror, the war on terror, and much more

–Our economy is based on buying cheap goods from China, and without understanding this, conversations about the trade deficit and Trump’s trade war lack proper context

–Exactly as we warned about months ago, Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson ramps up the populist rhetoric to appeal to left and right, hiding his xenophobia within the rhetoric

–Dr. Anthony Fauci warns that we do not have coronavirus under control, and may soon see 100,000 new cases per day

–As the northeast gets coronavirus under control, with much of the rest of the country failing, what measures should the northeast take to prevent coronavirus from surging again?

–Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claims that Donald Trump is the most informed person on the planet as it relates to threats against the US

–Joe Biden should choose Elizabeth Warren to be his Vice-Presidential running mate

–Voicemail caller asks about the morality and legality of mandatory mask orders

–On the Bonus Show: Amy McGrath wins close Senate primary in Kentucky, south pole warming at three times the global average, Mississippi drops Confederate-themed flag, much more…

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