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June 26, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump abruptly walks out of a press briefing without taking questions the day after his globally shameful comments about injecting disinfectants and holds no press briefings over the weekend

–Donald Trump goes into hiding after his disastrous bleach injection comments, raising new questions about whether Trump will continue to hold White House coronavirus task force press briefings

–Donald Trump spends his entire weekend rage-tweeting unhinged attacks on the media after the bleachgate global fiasco

–Fox News host Neil Cavuto shockingly admits that Donald Trump did wonder about injecting disinfectants and was not being sarcastic, in addition to fact-checking Trump on hydroxychloroquine

–The United States has become a global laughingstock over the Trump bleach injection fiasco, with world leaders from around the world struggling not to laugh while indicating that no one should follow Donald Trump’s advice

–Dr. Anthony Fauci has been disappeared from Trump’s press briefings, and White House sources say that medical doctors will be further hidden during future briefings with a new focus on an economic message for the country

–A disheveled Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News with Laura Ingraham to furiously complain that despite contact tracing for coronavirus, no one is contact tracing for cancer, heart disease, or obesity, all of which are not communicable diseases

–Donald Trump’s former interim Attorney General Matthew Whitaker claims that social distancing guidelines are tantamount to martial law in an unhinged appearance on Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro show

–Voicemail caller wonders about hypocritical right-wingers who attack the left for “blocking traffic” during protests while they are doing the exact same thing when protesting stay at home guidelines

–On the Bonus Show: Saudi Arabia ending executions for minors, Texas mayor apologizes for going to nail salon during stay-at-home order, US says hedge funds aren’t eligible for small business relief, much more…

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