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June 29, 2020

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–What was supposed to be a softball propaganda interview for Donald Trump on Fox News with Sean Hannity goes horribly wrong, with Trump unable to name real accomplishments nor able to lay out a single priority for his hypothetical second term as Presidency

–Donald Trump shares a video of a supporter of his yelling “white power” while thanking them, only to later delete the tweet after yet another fiasco

–The truth about so-called “cancel culture”

–Donald Trump and the White House are claiming that Donald Trump did not know that Russia was supposedly offering “bounties” for the killing of US and coalition troops in Afghanistan

–Donald Trump is reportedly panicking about the possibility that he will catch coronavirus

–Coronavirus cases explode again in the United States, settings new single day records, and Texas Republican Governor Abbott actually admits that some aspects of his reopening were too quick

–A look at possible explanations for why coronavirus cases are so high, and yet deaths have remained comparatively low

–Voicemail caller wonders whether Donald Trump would run again in 2020 if he were to lose to Joe Biden this November

–On the Bonus Show: Vacation stories, Sacha Baron Cohen crashes a right wing event, House passes bill to make DC a state, much more…

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