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December 28, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Steven Donziger, human rights attorney who helped indigenous groups in Ecuador win a $10 billion pollution judgement against Chevron and was subsequently imprisoned, joins David to discuss his work

–Another investigation of 5000 supposedly “dead” 2020 voters finds that they are alive

–Dr. Anthony Fauci stirs controversy by saying a domestic flight vaccine mandate would be “reasonable”

–A group of conspiracy theorists got COVID from hanging out together and claimed that it was actually anthrax

–Jared Schmeck, the man who spoke to Joe Biden on Christmas and told him “Let’s Go Brandon” and later claimed he isn’t a “Trumper,” appears on Steve Bannon’s show wearing a MAGA hat and claiming the election was stolen from Trump

–Video surfaces of Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn, now in the midst of a divorce, explaining how he met his wife, and it smells like a Russian kompromat operation

–Donald Trump is now in major trouble with his anti-vaccine base, and he runs to Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to try to clean up the mess

–Voicemail caller correctly points out that even left wing YouTube viewers regularly have right wing content pushed on them

–On the Bonus Show: CDC shortens COVID isolation & quarantine time for Omicron variant, judge to reconsider 110 year sentence for truck drive who killed 4, Tesla disabled video games in moving cars, much more…

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