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December 29, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Absolutely COVID chaos breaks out with the CDC’s changes to quarantine and isolation guidelines, record cases, nearly 20% positivity in New York City, and more

–President Joe Biden says he will issue a domestic travel vaccine requirement if advised to do so by his medical advisers

–President Joe Biden surpasses Donald Trump in the number of confirmed judges during his first year in office, confirming the largest number of judges in a first year dating back to Ronald Reagan’s presidency

–Republican Senator Rand Paul says Democrats “steal” elections by convincing voters to vote for them

–Former Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro admits how he and Steven Bannon planned to steal the 2020 election from Joe Biden

–Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has completely melted down over Donald Trump’s recent mild support for COVID vaccination

–The Denver mass shooter from earlier this week has been identified as a known white supremacist alt-right misogynist with a substantial online paper trail

–Voicemail caller explains his sister’s anti-vaccine conspiracism, which has gone completely off the rails

–On the Bonus Show: Former Dem Senator Harry Reid dead at 82, Oklahoma Republicans introduce bill to limit how slavery is taught in schools, Dr Oz and his wife unknowingly curse out a reporter on the phone, much more…

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